Choosing the better part. What would you do if Jesus walked the earth today?

MarthaMary_by_Katie800brightWhat would you do if Jesus walked the earth today?

Would you travel to be in His physical presence? Spare no expense? Jesus makes it even easier for you to be with Him. He exists in the Eucharist. Would you consider volunteering to spend one hour a week in prayer and adoration before our Lord and our God, really and truly present in the Blessed Sacrament? Or if a weekly hour is not possible, share responsibility for a weekly hour with a few others so maybe you spend one or two hours a month?

Mother Teresa said “When you look at the crucifix you see how much Jesus loved you then. When you look at the Sacred Host you see how much Jesus loves you now.” It was not enough for Jesus to humble Himself to become man and die for us. He still humbles Himself by becoming bread.

The power of prayer was so important to her that she spent at least one holy hour a day before the Blessed Sacrament. And if she was busy, she spent more time than normal.
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Thanks Jim.
This one is confusing but from my simple point of view, what the Supreme Court did with Prop 8 was say it does not matter what the law is, it is OK for government officials to ignore it and State Courts to overturn it. So the next step which may take years is for the State Supreme Court in California to overturn the law then THAT will go to the US Supreme Court who will likely uphold whatever the State Courts decide.
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The Spirituality of St. Teresa of Avila Applied to the Five Marks of the Norbertine Order

The Five Marks of the Norbertine Order are
1) the Holy Eucharist
2) Marian Devotion
3) Liturgy of the Hours and  Personal Prayer
4) Penance
5) Zeal for Souls.

This study applies the writings and spirituality of St Teresa of Avila to these five marks.

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Song of Songs on Feast of the Visitation

This paper presents analysis of Song of Songs vv. 2:7-17 which includes the verses used in the Liturgy of the Hours for today’s feast of the Visitation.  While this study focuses on these verses it also serves as a good overview of the Song of Songs which is a wonderful prayer you can make during a Holy Hour of Eucharistic Adoration. The Song of Song was a favorite Book for great saints such as Bernard, Teresa of Avila, and many other.
Learn to appreciate the Song of Songs like they did and it will change your life!
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Litany of Saint Louis de Montfort for Consecrated Slaves of Love.

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A Short Introduction to the Gospel of Mark (In Honor of His Feastday Today)

ST-MARK-1Thesis Statement
The central purpose of Mark’s Gospel is revealed to us in 1:1-15 where Mark proclaims the good news that Jesus Christ who, as Son of God is God, has come to fulfill the prophecies revealed throughout salvation history, conquering evil and calling all of us to repent of our sinfulness and live a life united to him by believing in this proclaimed good news, i.e., the Gospel.

In salvation history, God uses historical people and events to reveal religious truths. Mark must not just relate the events as a nice story but rather must present them so that events in the life of Jesus, and those he interacted with, open up to us possibilities and paths that give us understanding so we can indeed believe, repent, and live a life united to him.[1]

Mark’s narrative must convey this supernatural work of God by relating the events that took place in salvation history to develop the Gospel message.  As Sacred Scripture, the Holy Spirit inspires Mark to do this in such a way that what the narrative brings forth and takes place on the cross will remain present to succeeding generations. Mark’s word is not just history but a proclamation for all ages because Jesus Christ has risen from the dead.[2] Continue reading

I Once was a Child Sedevacantist

DocumentsPope Francis is beginning to rekindle the importance of Vatican II. That means different things to different people.  This is my story of how I rejected Vatican II as a child as many still do today.  To be clear, I now reject Sedevacantism and I firmly believe that Vatican II is a valid, Catholic, Holy Spirit filled Ecumenical Council.  Every Catholic Council since the first one (recorded in the book of Acts) experienced at least a generation of confusion following it.  That is certainly true of Vatican II. I pray that Pope Francis will usher in the full fruition that his beloved two predecessors so yearned for.  I am putting this out here to get it over with.  Maybe like touching a hot plate at a restaurant.  The mission of Adoration Servants is to help grow Eucharistic Adoration and in order to do that I will give what I got in the hope that it helps. Continue reading