A “Simple Adorer” Who Helped Save an Adoration Chapel

StDominicThis is an email from a chapel leader in New Orleans whose Church began using the Adoration Servants system to manage their Eucharistic Adoration starting two years ago when the adoration hours were being drastically cut back primarily due to chapel leader burnout. To read about that click here. After sending an email to all Adoration Servants chapel leaders notifying them of our recent document “Evangelii Gaudium and Eucharistic Adoration” Edie replied with this nice letter.

It is posted here to show the impact a “simple adorer” can have. The “sweat of her brow” as Pope Francis called for in Evangelii Gaudium, is now responsible for literally hundreds of holy hours being prayed in New Orleans and God knows how much good as a result.

Dear Steve,

Thank you for sharing your letter, The Key to the Implementation of Evangelii Gaudium is Eucharistic Adoration!

After reading it, I thought perhaps you would consider sending a copy to our Archbishop Gregory Aymond, of the Archdiocese of New Orleans, and other bishops that may make a local renewal call and spark a difference more quickly, then wait to see what Jesus does with your letter to Pope Francis.  Ask for each bishop to consider a pastoral letter to each of his pastors to himself visit a nearby Eucharistic Adoration Chapel and commit an hour each week, and also establish and encourage Adoration of Jesus in each parish or in unity with a neighboring parish.  What an example to the flock, if the pastor committed an hour a week!

Congratulations on your Master of Theology!  Congratulations, with bold enthusiasm, on the effect your web site, AdorationServants.org, has made on enabling Adoration stability and in keeping Chapels viable.  You answer your call to evangelization of others with your ministry that reaches far and wide.  Certainly Jesus is pleased!

Personally, I thank you, most profoundly!  You may recall that I was a simple adorer at St. Dominic in the now infamous Lakeview before the Hurricane Katrina flood.  Then I became a simple adorer at St. John Bosco after relocating.  Suddenly SJB adoration hours were cut drastically.  Shocked, and searching for a remedy, I contacted one of the chapel leaders at St. Dominic knowing that email was the tool used there.  He advised that in use was your web, far more useful than simple email.  AdorationServants.org was the key for reuniting and connecting parishioners by email after the flood, besides Adoration management.  He put me in touch with you.  See the work of the Holy Spirit!  Jesus provides; it is true.  We have reestablished the hours to 120 per week.  The goal of Perpetual Adoration remains on the horizon, however, we need a little more stability first.  My hope is that improved space will remove the obstacle of some that felt claustrophobic in our previous space.

You asked for a photo of our new space.  Please keep in mind that previously we were a 5.5 feet wide by about 20 feet long closet space with 4 chairs lining each wall (8 in all).  We now have the previous cry room space.  Attached is a photo of the new space.  The previous space was not even as wide as the platform the table is placed on…

With kind regards,



One response to “A “Simple Adorer” Who Helped Save an Adoration Chapel

  1. I’ll be going into the seminary soon but noticed they don’t have perpetual adoration. Why don’t all seminaries have perpetual adoration? For many discerning, I’m certain it’s what helped bring them there in the first place and I think it would help keep them there too. Thoughts?

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