Why and How St. Maximilian Kolbe Became the Adoration Servants CEO

KolbePortraitAdoration Servants considers Saint Maximilian Kolbe its Chief Executive Officer.
Not only is St Max a martyr of charity via his death in Auschwitz, not only is he the great Marian apostle who founded the Militia of the Immaculata in order to help win back the world to Christ through His Immaculate Mother, but he is also a great lover of Eucharistic Adoration who as a child watched his father organize Eucharistic Adoration using hourly shift of parishioners, much like we do today.

This is the story of why and how St Max came to accept this job responsibility.

marytownIn 2004 I attended the Militia of the Immaculata Conference being held in Illinois at Marytown (http://www.marytown.com), the National Shrine of St Maximillian Kolbe. I was scheduled to spend a couple more days in Marytown after the Conference ended.

The last day of the conference after most everybody left I was praying in the chapel in the middle of the night. It had been a four years since I came back into the Church after many years of ignoring my Catholic Faith. I made my way into the side Chapel of St Max and began to pray to him telling him I wanted to help the Church.

Then it occurred to me that I should make St Maximilian Kolbe my spiritual C.E.O. but this was not something I felt I could make this saint do. It would be something he would have to want to do. So at about 2:00 AM or so I asked St Max in his chapel if he would interview me for a position of work. I spent a good hour in this interview introducing myself to St. Max. I told him how he and I had somewhat of a similar childhood but where he persevered in sanctity I had fallen away. I told him of my consecration to Mary at the age of twelve and that St Louis de Montfort was my patron saint. I explained to him how I got into computer programming and rose corporate ladders before starting my own computer consulting business. I asked him to take a look at the Catholic websites I was working on at the time, http://www.conglomination.com and http://www.truedevotion.org (since turned over to Montfort Fathers).

I explained to him that I love Jesus in the Eucharistic. I loved the Immaculata. I loved the Church and wanted to use my talents for those loves. I went through my job history in detail explaining my strengths and weaknesses just like I would in any professional interview. When I was finally finished I closed by asking St Max to take the job as my C.E.O. and to “send me work.”

Later that morning while eating breakfast with the Friars, one of the priests, Fr. John Grigus, sat down next to me and introduced himself. We talked and when he found out what I did for a living he told me he was the Spiritual Director for the Pope John Paul II Eucharistic Adoration Association of the Archdiocese of Chicago. He explained how the association’s website, http://www.pjp2ea.org was in disarray and he asked if maybe I could take a look and it, give some feedback, and make some recommendations. I did not realize it immediately but this was my first job for St Max. This was the work I asked him to send me. Ultimately I revamped the entire site and that was the beginning of Adoration Servants.

After several more visits to Marytown I came back to California and tried to get my pastor’s permission to promote the Militia of the Immaculata. For understandable reasons he did not allow me to do that but when he found out the work I was doing for the Archdiocese of Chicago he asked if I would take over management of the parish Eucharistic Adoration efforts. I did so and immediately realized that managing Eucharistic Adoration was time-consuming and stressful. It needed a good computer system to make the work easier. That is how the Adoration Servants system got developed.

Once a year St Max and I have a corporate meeting to review the work of Adoration Servants and plan what is next. With his help Adoration Servants will help more and more souls to heaven via Eucharistic Adoration.

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