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Sent: Friday, June 28, 2013 9:44 AM
To: lawyer who helped setup Adoration Servants as a tax deductible entity


Thanks Jim.
This one is confusing but from my simple point of view, what the Supreme Court did with Prop 8 was say it does not matter what the law is, it is OK for government officials to ignore it and State Courts to overturn it. So the next step which may take years is for the State Supreme Court in California to overturn the law then THAT will go to the US Supreme Court who will likely uphold whatever the State Courts decide.

As far as leaving it at the state level we must remember that of the four states in November 2012 who had marriage on the ballot all four were victories for gay marriage. More than likely California will have a Proposition in 2014, maybe even 2013 that will put it to the people to repeal. That 52 percent Prop 8 victory in 2008 will likely sway the other way now, as recent voting trends show. In addition the Black vote was significantly higher in 2008 in California due to Obama being on the ballot. The black vote was in favor of Prop 8 so Prop 8 got a bump because of Obama being on the ballot. That’s gone and in addition since Obama is now openly in favor of gay marriage, as will be our next President Hillary, and since it is likely that these voters will support the views of these politicians, it stands to reason that many of those votes would now be in favor of gay marriage, despite their religious beliefs.

So we can continue to fight in the courts but, given the state of our more and more godless, hedonistic, immoral, amoral culture, that is currently a losing battle. Archbishop Lori was absolutely right when, in his statement on these court decisions, said they “will also undoubtedly contribute to concerted efforts not just to redefine marriage but to dismantle it, efforts which represent a serious threat to religious liberty and conscience rights for countless people of faith.”

This battle needs to be moved to Blessed Sacrament Chapels around the country. That is where it will be won. We have to pray back our culture such that a constitutional amendment defining marriage as God established it will be a sweeping victory. Actually, the most important item up for vote right now, the one that will have the greatest impact on marriage, family, and abortion, is the Knights of Columbus Resolution 2012-2013 No. 1 from the State of Ohio to Promote and Support Eucharistic Adoration. If this resolution is put up for vote and passes at the Supreme Knights of Columbus Convention in San Antonio this August then the millions of Knights and the resources of the organization can be brought to bear on filling churches with adorers who will pray for marriage and family and an end to abortion like never before. Then victory will come and heaven will rejoice.

From: Lawyer who helped set up Adoration Servants as tax deductible entity
Sent: Friday, June 28, 2013 8:42 AM
To: clients

Dear Friends and Family,

Despite news reports to the contrary, it appears that Proposition 8 in California is still the law, and should be for some time. Proposition 8 was the democratic referendum voted on in 2008 where the 52 percent of Californians voted to uphold the true definition of marriage.

As the Family Research Council has stated, it is ironic that the refusal of California officials (specifically, the Governor and State Attorney General) to defend Proposition 8 has resulted in a US Supreme Court decision vacating (throwing out) the 9th Circuit Appeal Court decision which means Proposition 8 is still the law in California according to the Constitution of California.

Here is the explanation from yesterdays FRC Washington Update (which contains a link to an article on

“Despite two very disappointing rulings, 38 states still define marriage as the union of a man and woman — including California, where Proposition 8 is still the law of the land. Until an appeals court says otherwise, the reports that the amendment has been struck down are untrue. Thanks to three small paragraphs of the California Constitution, it takes more than a district court level judge to overturn a proposition adopted by the voters.”

“True, the state’s lawless chief executive, Gov. Jerry Brown, refuses to uphold or defend laws he does not like. But ‘as of today,’ FRC’s Ken Klukowski writes, ‘there is no appellate opinion against Prop 8. The Supreme Court refused to issue one, and threw out the only other one (the Ninth Circuit’s). There is only a trial court opinion. So every agency in California is legally bound to regard Prop 8 as binding law… Only when one of those courts hold Prop 8 unconstitutional can the public officials in that state regard it as stricken from the books. That litigation could take years. And in the meantime, supporters of traditional marriage can continue making the case for marriage.’ ”

Sincerely Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

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