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Blessed Pius IX: That Was Then. This is Now. The Evils of Then Seem the Norms of Now

Some years back, a young self-proclaimed “liberal” deacon—schooled at Louvain—spoke of Pope Pius IX. “Pius IX”, said our deacon, “began as a liberal but when things did not go his way he opposed anything modern. He was so power-hungry that he declared the dogma of the Immaculate Conception primarily to feed his ego. His intolerance of dissent proved he was not called ‘Pio NO-NO’ for nothing.” He also suggested Pius IX was insane and recommended Hasler’s book How the Pope Became Infallible to get “the truth about Pius IX”. After reading the book’s introduction by Hans Küng, and Hasler’s own introduction to the second edition where he angrily complains about the negative assessment his book and Küng received from the Vatican, and finding the book is a favorite atheistic and anti-Catholic website source, I decided to research the transition of Pius IX from “liberal” to one who “opposed anything modern”. Continue reading

Two Chapels Setup on Adoration Servants’ Chapel Management System

HostraysCOLWe setup two new chapels over the past few days. The first is a brand new chapel in the San Diego area that will start up on Divine Mercy Sunday. The second chapel has been 24/7 for many, many years in Pennsylvania. The building has been condemned and they are moving to a sister parish. This chapel will shut down the old chapel Holy Thursday evening and open the new chapel on Easter Sunday. Very cool.

After getting the PA chapel setup and email from the chapel leader to Adoration Servants read: “You are WONDERFUL!!! I can’t believe how amazing this whole process is! Thank you, thank you THANK YOU!!!”

We are not really wonderful. Actually we are lazy. We do not like seeing Adoration Chapels spend so much time and effort, and stress when they don’t need to.