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Malachi 1:11 is the Catholic Mass!

Biblical Exegesis of Malachi 1:6 – 2:9 (With Emphasis on 1:11)

Thesis and Justification Statement
The purpose of this exegesis is to examine the verses of Malachi 1:6 – 2:9 with primary emphasis and exegesis being placed on Mal 1:11.  The intent is to show that Mal 1:11 is indeed a prophecy that has been fulfilled in an extremely obvious worldwide manner, ie, the Catholilc Mass.  In order to prove the thesis statement this paper will begin by examining Malachi giving a brief overview of the book’s historical context and literary form.  A study will be described from the point of view of the Jews at the time of Malachi followed by studies taken in the light of Jesus Christ.  A summary of various interpretations will draw a conclusion to defend this thesis.

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40 Holy Hours for a Holy Pope

We propose 40 Holy Hours in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament and/or 40 Masses praying that Pope Benedict XVI’s successor is a holy, saintly man.
Do your hours 1 a day or 40 in a row. You decide.

Make no mistake. The Holy Spirit does not dictate the next pope. The cardinals are not puppets.

If ever there was a Lent that needed extra prayers & sacrifices in the history of the world, this is it.
“If the parish priest is a Saint, his people will be holy:
If the priest is holy, but not yet a Saint, his people will be good;
If priest is good, his people will be lukewarm,
If the priest is lukewarm, his parishioners will be bad.
If the priest himself is bad, his people will go to Hell.”
St John Vianney

With love and respect for the beloved Cure d’ Ars, blaming our holiness, or lack thereof, on the holiness of our parish priest lets us off too way easy. The priests we get, the bishops we get, and the pope we get may just rely on us, not them.

If we are lukewarm, we may get lukewarm priests, bishops, popes.

We do not want to wait 272 years for a saint pope. We want one 40-50 days from now! Continue reading