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St Louis de Montfort on the Hail Mary

Just a few hightlights from St Louis de Montfort’s book “Secret of the Rosary” on the Angelic Salutation.

Thank you to the Knights of Columbus from Newtown, CT, whose “Three Hail Marys” prayer request in their time of sorrow helped me to better appreciate this prayer.

Fifteenth Rose
44 The Angelic Salutation, or Hail Mary, is so heavenly and so beyond us in its depth of meaning, that Blessed Alan de la Roche held that no mere creature could ever understand it, and that only our Lord Jesus Christ, born of the Virgin Mary, can really explain it. Continue reading

ALL Graces? A Study of the Title “Mary Mediatrix of All Graces”

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A Study of the Title “Mary Mediatrix of All Graces”
Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows September 15, 2008
By Steven Lovison

During a Poland pilgrimage led by the Kolbe Missionaries of the Immaculata last May, before the first morning prayers and Mass at Niepokalanow, a Catholic “revert” friend who spent decades in “Bible Alone” denominations and who is certainly on fire for the Catholic faith stated the following: “I cannot in good conscience pray this prayer written by St Maximilian Kolbe to Mary which we are supposed to pray together each day. It contains errors especially the statement ‘You alone destroyed all heresies’ and the title “Mediatrix of All Graces’. Jesus destroys heresies and Mary can do nothing ‘alone’ and also, the Fifth Marian dogma will be a detriment to Ecumenism should it ever be declared, but I don’t think it will because I have studied the arguments and I find them lacking. This prayer is an example of Marian devotions gone too far.” Continue reading