St. Teresa of Avila on Trying to Meet With Officials on Earth

I realize I am a lowly 4th Degree Knight of Columbus.  I am humbled by my more active brother Knights because the work they do is so much.  My spiritual director tells me that, at the age of 51, I am still young.  Being so young I pray that I will be more active in the local activities of the Knights, although I am helping with promoting Golf tournaments to pay for mobile ultra-sound machines of which I have spent several weeks of work and significant money out of pocket.

Friends for Life Golf

Even so, when I joined the Knights it was with the open agenda that I wanted to help make the Knights be the true CHAMPIONS of Eucharistic Adoration around the world but especially in my beloved United States of America.  And with the Knights support I would spend my life doing so.

As can be read in other blog entries and on the Adoration Servants page dedicated to this effort, my attempts at contacting our worthy Supreme Knight Carl Anderson have not gone well to-date.  But I am in good company.

Doctor of the Church St Teresa of Avila writes of the difficulties she experienced when trying to meet with various officials of Church and government:

“I can speek with Him [Jesus] as a friend, even though He is Lord.  I know that He isn’t like those we have as lords here on earth, all of whose lordship consists in artificail displays: they have to have designated times for speaking and designated persons to whom they speak.  If some poor little creature has any business matter to take up, what roundabout ways they must go through and what rrials and favors it costs them in order to get to speak with this lord! Oh, and if it is with the king!  Then, people who are poor or those who don’t belong to the nobility can’t even get near; but they must ask those who are the court minions.”

As of this writing I have not succeeding even getting minions to acknowledge me but I am going to pray and pray and pray and network and sooner or later I will reach the ears of Carl Anderson and I believe when I have stated my case he will ask me why I did not come to him sooner.

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