The End of Prolife Politics

This article by Dr Jeff Mirus is one of the most important written in a long time, certainly since our last election. It supports what Adoration Servants has been saying about the need for a change of culture that can only be accomplished through prayer, sacrifice, and living a Christian life.

Some highlights:
It is no longer satisfactory—in fact I would say it is disingenuous—to stress (for example, in response to the Obama juggernaut) that we simply need to go back to the trenches and mobilize more people and more resources in the same political effort next time around.

I would suggest that the reality before us in the “Christian” West is far more like the reality of pagan Rome than we have heretofore thought.

the culture to go so far wrong, a great many Christians over long generations had to give up the substance of their religious commitment while retaining only its deceptive shadow.

But we are now seeing—or at least we ought to be able to see—the tremendous tide of paganism which has risen all around us

This misreading of the signs has unfortunately caused us to waste enormous amounts of energy fighting not so much for Christ as for political outcomes which cannot be sustained without Christ.

But it does mean that we ought to expend our greatest energies elsewhere, in widespread efforts to strengthen the Church, to develop our own Christian subculture complete with vibrant intermediary institutions, to evangelize our neighbors, and to offer practical service to any and all who, increasingly ill-served by a bureaucratic pagan State, may turn to us in their need.

. This is not the time to place the emphasis on politics, any more than it was time for politics when Karol Wojtyla was growing up in Poland. This is the time for Faith and family, evangelization and the formation of Christian culture.

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