Knights Encouraged to do More for Church and Charity

Pondering Knights Championing Eucharistic AdorationThe Knights of Columbus supreme knight Carl Anderson encouraged the state leadership to be “the strong right arm of the Church” and to react quickly when bishops need or request the Order’s assistance.
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This “strong arm” statement is not new.  In fact, it is included it on the Adoration Servants page dedicated to helping the Knights become the champions of Eucharistic.  The letters written to Carl Anderson both reference this quote and a number of others.  These quotes are sincere and are not the platitudes a former Knight State chaplain once told me they were.  I am sure Carl Anderson has never seen my letters and I am sure that once I can present my ideas to him, he will make it a main task of the Knights to fullfill the desire of John Paul II that Perpetual Adoration be established in every parish.

I also think my enlistment of St Frances Xavier Cabrini as my patron in this endeavor and my subsequence ignoring of her patronage these years is a factor.  I have already issued my public prayer of apology on that.

Read 2007 proposal here:
Read 2008 proposal here:

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