A Second Formal Apology to St. Frances Xavier Cabrini on her Feast Day

ImageI am sorry Mother Cabrini on this your feast day, five years after with some fanfare (at least on my part) I took you as the special patron saint of Adoration Servants in its quest to help the Knights of Columbus become the champions and heroes of Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration especially here in the United States.  As you well know, this is my second formal apology to you regarding this matter.  The first coming some 3 or 4 years ago when your feast day came up and I realized that I had ignored your patronage and given you only
over-the-shoulder prayers of petition.

As you also know, I joined the Knights after helping with the Chicago event.  I was, and still am, so impressed with the words of Carl Anderson regarding the importance of Eucharistic Adoration and role he felt the Knight’s should play in its growth.

I promised to pray your chaplet each day and then almost immediately I gave up praying to you.  After my first prayer of apology, you blessed me with a bit of progress, which I have since squandered.

Now on this feast so soon after my country’s elections where multiple states voted against sacramental marriage, and as our country remains at war, and our morals are falling into depravity, I apologize and ask your help once again.

Help me to make contact with my fellow Knights of Columbus to let them know we can champion adoration, which is definitely in decline at this time.  This great goal of Blessed Pope John Paul II has not been fulfilled and if it was so much good could come of it.

So on this, your feast day, I begin again by making this public prayer of apology to you, as well as making available copies of the proposals I wrote to the Knights on your feast day in 2007 and 2008. I placed those proposals at this link:
(http://john15-5.adorationservants.org/knightsofcolumbus).  I pray this time that I do not abandon your powerful intercession but daily remind you of our quest. I ask also, that as I make this public prayer, you may let other Knights find it and come to the rescue as true Knights in shining armour.


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