Email Call to Adore for Vice Presidential Debate

This email was sent to the Adoration Servants database of adorers and interested souls on Monday Oct 8th
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As we did with the first presidential debate, once again we are calling upon, no, pleading with all Catholics not watch the Vice Presidential debate this week and instead to pray in the presence of our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament for the candidate of your choice and for the United States.  You can easily watch the debate in its entirety afterwards.

I personally had not been so desparate to pray in a long time as I was to get to the chapel last Oct 3rd and pray for my chosen candidate while he was actually debating.  Our little adoration chapel was full and I expect at least a few others were as well.  The map below shows the national coverage range of those who elected to register their participation.  When I watched a rerun of the debate shortly after returning home I did not miss a thing so my time was surely better spent in realtime prayer.
range of United States Covered by debate Adorers Oct 3rd
Thank you to all who participated and to the those who promoted this important united prayer event to others. Keep in mind that the prayers of the just have great weight in heaven (James 5:16).

You need not register to participate in this event but if you want to you can by going to and clicking on the participation link. Your registration will inspire others in united prayer.

There is no doubt that this presidential election is critical to the United States and the world.  Jesus said without him you can do nothing (Jn 15:5).
Some have told me they really wanted to watch the debate and they prayed, or would pray, when it was convenient for them to do so.  I submit that is where the value of sacrifice comes in as well as the power of united prayer in the exact time of need.  Make the sacrifice!  Pray with all of us at the same critical moment in history.  This is a proven Catholic method of successful petition.

Pope Benedict recently said: “When a community is faced with crisis, persecution and trouble, it should come together in prayer for strength from God, not formulate strategic plans to defend itself from difficulties”

Pope St. Pius V prescribed public, united prayer during the very moments the battle of Lepanto was raging and it is generally credited with causing the victory.

In Scripture the Lord commanded the Israelites to march united around the city walls of Jericho. He did not tell them that that each could march individually when personally convenient.

As Tertullian said in the days of persecution: “We assemble in great numbers, in order that, like a powerful army, with united strength and one voice, our prayers may be answered. In this manner we force the Almighty, as it were, and do violence to Him. And with such violence He is even pleased.”

The Occupy Adoration movement is trying to get Catholics to unite in prayer for certain key events in history.  Our united prayers to God can make a difference! 

Steve Lovison
Adoration Servants Founder

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