Prayer in Thanksgiving & Petition After Occupy Adoration 1st Presidential Debate

Lord Jesus, On this the 4th day of October during my 1AM-3AM holy hours I wish to thank you for the participation in the Occupy Adoration Presidential Debate first event.
Saint Augustine tells us that you, Oh Lord “have ordained that we fight more with prayer than with our own efforts” and that we “strive in prayer to be victorious in overcoming this world.” And yet Oh Lord while the prayers of those who are righteous carry great weight with you as St James tells us (5:16) you have taught us in history and through your church and through your saints that we must unite in prayer to overcome our individual shortcomings.
Your Angelic Doctor St. Thomas tells us that “it is impossible that the prayer of many will not obtain whatever can possibly be obtained.” But what is “many” in this information age Oh Lord? Long ago Pope St. Pius V prescribed public, united prayer during the very moments the battle of Lepanto was raging. And in Scripture Lord you commanded the Israelites to march united around the city walls of Jericho. You did not tell them that that each could march individually when personally convenient.

You want unity Lord, and the sacrifice that goes with it.

As Tertullian said in the days of persecution: “We assemble in great numbers, in order that, like a powerful army, with united strength and one voice, our prayers may be answered. In this manner we force the Almighty, as it were, and do violence to Him. And with such violence He is even pleased.” Help us my God, to organize this army and storm your Eucharistic Presence in united occupation of adoration, for the causes we plead. Help us to see the benefit of these unified occupations, and help us get the word out.

It was the first ever mass email to the adorers of chapels using the Adoration Servants system, as well as others in the mailing list, that made known this event for souls to pray united during the actual time of the debates for the presidential candidate of their choice and the United States of America.
We have more debates to go and we are hoping to enlist others to Occupy Adoration during the actual time when the debates are taking place. Many forwarded the email to others and only you Lord know how many participated.

Help our efforts going forward. Help our paid Facebook ad gain more Adoration Occupiers. Help the United States. Help us elect a president who will have knowledge, wisdom, council, fortitude, piety, understanding, and a holy fear of you Oh Lord.

One response to “Prayer in Thanksgiving & Petition After Occupy Adoration 1st Presidential Debate

  1. Thank you for your thanksgiving prayer after the debate. I felt so good knowing I was with Our Lord on the day of the debate pleading for a good debate. (like Mary) I also feel good doing something to help, like going to and making calls to other states quickly and easily and saying a prayer for each person I call. (like Martha) God Bless all adorers.

    God Bless all the adorers. Love

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