Problem With the Typical Adorer Mindset?

I love being alone or practically alone with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel.

I love the fact that my scheduled holy hours are in the middle of the night so next to no one bothers me during my time with our Eucharistic Lord.   Other adorers scheduled during more busy daytime hours often complain that when a lot of people go in and out of the chapel, slamming the doors, rustling papers, getting up, fidgeting, whatever they are bothered.

At our chapel we have a beautiful prayer to be prayed each hour aout loud those in the chapel.  More than once I heard complaints about this prayer.  “Why must we be bothered?”  Etc.

This is a problem with our mindsets.  We must have a ZEAL FOR SOULS.  We should rejoice at each unscheduled visitor.  Would that the door of the chapel never stayed closed because SO MANY people were in the chapel ALL THE TIME!  WOULD THAT OCCUPY ADORATION WAS A REALITY! Would that a crowded and noisy adoration chapel was like a symphony to us!

Would that this picture was a not a work of Photoshop

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