Perpetual Adoration Chapel Cutting Hour Back

I recieved the following email today from a chapel that has been 24/7 for I believe a number of years.  They are cutting back.  Chapel Leader frustration is a problem in many chapels.  Antiquated systems such as phone trees and many, many chapel coordinators is not the answer.  We will have this chapel setup within a few days.  Some of the Adoration Servants chapels have stated their biggest time taker is TOO MANY SUBS VOLUNTEER as can be seen on the “Benficiaries” page of our website

Below is a copy of the email (Names changed/removed for privacy)

Dear Steve,
I received a recommendation from the chapel leader [we will call him “Norbert”) in another parish in our diocese to contact you for help.  You set up their chapel with a web site to manage the perpetual adoration schedule and substitute request needs.

I learned on Tuesday, the our perpetual adoration chapel is reducing the schedule to daytime, effective immediately.  After talking with the coordinator, it is clear that she is overwhelmed managing everything with the phone and fewer and fewer hourly coordinators, down to 4, so she is overwhelmed already then a family member’s illness requires her attention; hence the sudden change.  The night adorers are faithful and not the problem, but the night adoration is being eliminated, so that doesn’t make sense to me.  Another adorer advised that she knows the coordinator runs over to the chapel, sometimes multiple times in a day, to cover for people who call her because she cannot get a phone response from anyone to go.

To me it is obvious that email would help tremendously, but that is not being used.  Also, adorers need training in procedures so the coordinator is only truly the contact of last resort.  I inquired of Norbert regarding how his parish was set up with the intention of offering to collect and set up the email procedures his parish uses.  Norbert referred me to you and highly recommends your services.

I looked at your website information and went to see our pastor this morning.  He has given permission for me to inquire and find out if you would set us up for free and if so the timeframe that would be needed to accomplish the task.  

I need to contact the coordinator, write a proposal, and call the pastor Monday to set up a meeting.

Can you advise if you can set us up, how quickly it can be done, and what I need to do to accomplish the task?

The coordinator is to call me back shortly do I will be talking with her this morning. Please reply as soon as you are able.  I would like to be able to meet Monday or as soon after as possible with good news of a plan.

If permission is received from the pastor, I would like to get started as soon after as possible; next week if that is possible with you.

Thank you for your kind service and ministry to the Eucharistic Jesus and adorers!!!!

With kind regards,

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