Confession of an Adoration Servant

Lord Jesus, in your physical presence this 1AM – 3AM weekly hours I wish to confess my thoughts as to the state of Adoration Servants.  This is Holy Thursday 2012 Oh Lord, 1:10 AM the beginning of the Triduum.  For the last several weeks I have worked extensively on the new Adoration Servants website, I have been active on Twitter and Facebook coming up to speed and seeing the value of the Social Media for your glory.

I address this to you my God as you and I are alone here in this beautiful chapel, my middle of the night oasis once a week for a few hours.  I thought I should address this to my CEO, St. Max Kolbe, but I ask that our discussion be preparation for the several years overdue annual meeting he and I have.

Religious liberty is threatened around the world including my beloved United States.  Christian moral principles are under attack as well.  We have so much political activism and certainly much prayer but I believe Lord, we don’t have near enough prayer.  I remember Lord when I told people during  Proposition 8 that more time should be spent in prayer than in political activism how I was somewhat scoffed at.   Prayer is needed more now for sure.

But when I asked St Max to be my CEO and send me work that interview prayer about this time of night once at Marytown, I was introduced to the adoration organization of that diocese and took over their website. Then instead of promoting the MI at my parish, my pastor asked me to take over management of the Eucharistic Adoration.  Once I saw how very much work it took to manage a chapel, I create the Adoration Servants System.  Over the years being so preoccupied with Eucharistic Adoration has been one of my greatest blessings.  I long, Oh Lord, to get more people involved in Eucharistic Adoration. 

I yearn that Blessed John Paul II’s wish for Perpetual Adoration in all parishes becomes a reality. So impressed was I with Supreme Knight of Columbus Carl Anderson’s speaking on the importance of Adoration, and of supporting John Paul, I became a Knight.  I have tried to meet with Carl Anderson, to no avail so far, but I remain hopeful.

I know Lord, you don’t need me.  You don’t need Adoration Servants.  Most progress was made when I did not try to push anything.  But I did not really try to push things.  During my pilgrimage to the Holy land last October I asked that you help me see your will.  And you introduced me to the religious of the Holy land who I met with about the issues of Perpetual Adoration there and the help they needed.  I took that as an affirmation that this is what I should do.

And now we are a 501(c)(3) and I have some eager board members.  So the public website that looked terrible had to be redone.  I did not want to do it at first because I have done so little to help the chapels the past couple years, using my Master of Theology studies as an excuse, as well as other religious, family, and business activities.  I know some of the dioceses I help could have used more help and maybe I should have taken more of a leadership role there.  But we are where we are.  And as usual, the work of my business providentially worked to the benefit of the adoration systems.  But this prompted other things.  So the revamped website went live Monday of Holy week, perfectly timed for both the seventh anniversary of John Paul’s death—those seven years flew by Lord—as well as giving me the insight of the John 12:1-11 Jesus, Martha, Mary Gospel to augment my other Jesus, Mary, Martha gospel that has been the driving gospel for Adoration Servants.

And so I look at my mission as one that can surely get side-tracked.  Who should I help?  Chapels? Dioceses? Other Eucharistic Ministries?  I said “I” and want to change it to “we” but really it is still me right now.  But the thoughts I have had over the past few weeks and the thoughts so far during this Holy week have are what caused me to confess these words to you hear in your presence.

“Occupy Adoration.”  I loved the premise behind it and the little bit I heard of it on Twitter and Facebook.  I took the domain names and absorbed it into Adoration Servants.  But I saw it as nowhere near what it implies.  To “occupy” adoration cannot mean stopping by to visit you for a few minutes.  It certainly can mean Perpetual Adoration(as defined by the USCCB, not necessarily 24/7 but any regularly reoccurring time).  But even that Lord, really.  Right now it is 1:45AM and I am outside the chapel door because my occasional partner came in and I did not want my typing to bother his prayers.  Are we “occupying” this chapel Lord?  I say in the spirit of the “Occupy” movements we need A LOT more people or A LOT longer time frame than just a couple people an hour even if the hours go around the clock.

But I did that first Occupy Event alone at the Cathedral in LA.  And it was enlightening for me.  I even interviewed an adorer.  But was it news?  Of course not.  Not even close.  Then someone at my parish told me it is too negative.  Too pushy.  I don’t think so.  Not in the context of how it is talked about in the social media.  Not in the parable of the judge and the lady who badgers him that you gave us as an example.  That will be my gospel for Occupy Adoration.

And as you know Lord, I found the Occupy event to try and rally the nation around.  Occupy Adoration on Election Day!!!!  It is the best of both worlds.  Those who feel too much prayer hurts political activism can be politically active until Election Day. Then they can pray.  ALL DAY!!!!  I am going to promote on Election Day, while the polls are open, everyone occupies a chapel with you present as the Blessed Sacrament.  ALL DAY.  No work.  No play.  Just eat, vote, adore and petition you.  Imagine Lord if we could pull that off!!!! Surely the Occupy movement will be occupying the polls, marching the streets, etc.  But we have chapels full to overflowing for the whole day!!!  I think that can be a movement Lord.  I am going to start working on that.

How Lord?  I have to use the social media.  My mom writes good letters to editors.  We have to do that.  We have to push this.  Maybe this could get the Knights moving the way I envision them.  Oh Lord, how the Knights of Columbus could truly be knights  in shining armor, coming to the rescue for the Church through prayer.  Oh what benefits you would give the Knights if all our million members did weekly holy hours, and/or regular days of Adoration  Occupation.  Hmm, Adoration Occupation.  That rings Lord.  What do you think?

I am also not the social butterfly Lord.  I can’t say inspiring things each day on Twitter to get hundreds of followers.    I need to use my contacts though. How to get help.  You know the thoughts I have had the last 24 hours Lord.  I like to believe you inspired them.

I am not going to try and be cuter with images, etc.  What I need to do is get all the adorers to realize they can inspire.  I will try to get all the adorers to  participate.  To organize Adoration Occupations.  But I also have to improve the systems for the chapel leaders.  And for the dioceses.  This certainly includes making use of the Social Networks.   I am going to open up though.  I am going to speak/write from the heart.   So here I go.

I feel good Oh Lord.  I am going to post this on the Adoration Servants blog as I typed.  Going to switch to Adoration Occupation.  Going to concentrate on reaching adorers.  So they can help.  Thank you my God.  I look forward to this Tridium.

One response to “Confession of an Adoration Servant

  1. God Bless you for all the good work you do for Our Lord. You are an inspiration to others and your love of the Lorde shines through all you say. You are in my prayers and wish I could help you in some way and I will. Love

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