The 7th Anniversary of the Death of Blessed John Paul II & Progress Made

I have wrote this a few times today.  You can read it in the letter from the founder on the donation page of  It is on the newly published page and now again.

I have been reeluctant to get moving on things since getting 501(c)(3) status and realizing board members were going to want to start doing things.  For reasons written elsewhere I have been working hard to get the servants website revamped so that when people see it they will see something, hopefully, informative and worth looking at.  About a week ago I though it would be nice to make the site live today, John Paul II’s death anniversary, since he means so much to Adoration Servants.  It did not look like that would happen.

Then things came into place and the little things today were wonderful.  First, the Gospel at today’s Mass (Monday of Holy Week) reading was John 12:1-11.  This is another Jesus, Mary, Martha story but one that I never looked at in light of Adoration Servants.  It is a biggy and will affect the Servants ministry from this point on.

I got the revamped site up.  I got a facebook page up.  I made a classic mistake of not knowing what I was doing on facebook some months back doing a profile when I should have done a page.  Now we have both.

This is also the first Holy Week after my October pilgrimage to the Holyland.  What a blessing that trip was.  I pray to go back.

I would like to thank the patron saints of Adoration Servants: Martha, Mary, Peter Julian Eymard, Mother Candide, Max Kolbe, and John Paul II.  Let us do the will of Jesus under the care of the Immaculata.  God alone! 

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