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Occupy Our Lady of Angels Cathedral Sunday March 18th Feast of St Cyril of Jerusalem

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Below are pictures and videos of  the first and was done only a day after the domain became live.  I got to the Cathedral at 12:30 PM and realized Mass was beginning.  I “occupied” the chapel for a couple hours. … Continue reading

Nice Occupy Adoration Poster


First Board Meetings

AdorationServants had a board meeting, well, not really a board meeting but a meeting where board members were there and gave input.  Below are known tasks.  Some have been completed in the last month.

There is a lot of work to do.  We are going to be setting up meetings with chapel leaders around the country to help ensure our priorities are straight. 

ADORATION SERVANTS TASK LIST                                     2/7/12

Board Members Information to Additional Potential Board Members

Spiritual Director Information to Potential Spiritual Director

Financials to Board Members

Most Holy Trinity Arizona Chapel Post-Setup Support

Vatican Exhibition of Eucharistic Miracles – San Diego

Chicago Chapel Directory Updates

Implement Credit Card Processing for AdorationServants

Incorporate SIFT Mail for Adorationservants Chapels, Dioceses, Global

Google Mapping for Adoration Chapels (Chicago, San Antonio)

Revamp AdorationServants Internal to VS 2010, Dump Infragistics

Revamp the Dioceses of San Antonio Website

Revamp the Archdiocese of Chicago Website

Revamp AdorationServants Public Website

Holyland Adoration Website

Diocese of Arizona Support

Spanish Vatican Exhibition Fundraising Drive

AdorationServants Artwork Donations

Real Presence Vatican Exhibition Communications

New Orleans Diocese Reestablish Contact

Mass Intentions Page for Holyland 24/7 Adoration

Knights of Columbus Adoration Support National Solicitation

Knights of Columbus Support State Solicitation

Diocese of Orange Adoration Association

Chicago Chapel Directory Updates

Google Calendar Interface Request – Oratory

Holy Hour Reminder

Sheet Day Page Break Bug

Mobile Adoration Servants

Sub Email Allowing People to “Commit”

Social Networking – Facebook, Twitter, Blog

Possible confidential apps that could go viral.